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Child & Women Safety Campaign

                                                                                  I am Pramod Goswami from Indore. i am working with my team for child and women safety. We have started a program for the safety of children and women.


Looking at the accidents happening with children and women in society, we built a short duration workshop.

In this workshop we will train children and girls to avoid mischief.

We will tell children about the emerging danger in society

We will improve mental and physical abilities in children and girls.

We will teach how to behave with unknown person and how to treat them.

We will teach how to use full power of the body to save their self in emergency.

We will teach minimum three techniques for the state of emergency.


In this workshop we will talk about the society's RED ZONE which is harming children and women.

We will explain how to identify RED ZONE and what is the phase of avoiding it.

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